Support Policy

Main informations from Support Policy

  • We provide support only for valid OC Mega Extensions product purchases.
  • We provide support only in English language.
  • Estimated time on request reply is up to 48 hours within business days.
  • OC Mega Extensions support working from Monday to Friday between 10AM-6PM at (GMT/UTC +1:00).
  • We don't provide support in weekends and national holidays.
  • We can not guarantee that all our modules will be compatible with other your extensions, templates and the OpenCart store right after buying.
  • To fix reported issues or install our modules we may need access to your FTP and web store admin panel.

How to Get Support?

You can get Support by logging to our helpdesk system with your provided email and password and submitting a ticket. In order to provide for you the best possible support and guarantee response time, we recommend to contact us only by our own helpdesk system. We are can't held accountable for longer time response on requests in the case of sending an request by email or leaving it in the comment system and any not received emails.
To ensure the shortest response time and fast repair of reported issue, we recommend to provide us in first request access to store admin panel with permissions to edit settings and temporary FTP access. After fixing the issue by the OC Mega Extensions staff, you have to immediately disable the temporary FTP and store access given. Also you can find more useful information and tips on how to resolve bugs in our documentations: here.

Support work time

Most of the support issues are processed within 24 hours, in some complicated cases, weekends and national holidays, it could take up to 72-96 hours or longer if occurs very complicated issue or when experiencing a very high volume of support ticket at the same time.

1 year free premium support

We offer 1 year free premium support for any of our modules since purchase. In this time we offer 1 free installation / customization service and help in fixing issues.


All modifications in code of the modules are done by xml files which introducing appropriate modifications to fix conflicts. If you decides to update your module or modules, OpenCart store or theme, which results in change of the current set up, we can not be responsible for the conflicts that have arisen in this way. Also we cannot guarantee that all our modifications will be in future compatible with any new OpenCart versions or module updates. If any of the above cases occurs, we reserve the right to charge again for the same fix or modification.

Custom Development and Support

Services like a specific module customizations for the clients, general tips related to OpenCart, development of the custom extensions, also bugs fixes and improvements in modules which we are not the author are considered a custom development, hence are subject to charge. Depending on the size of the task, to each project is assigned one of our programmer, which work to the specific needs of the assignment. Before the offer is accepted, the estimated cost of the service and the estimated time of its execution are given. With custom development we are liable to the right of code ownership as well as the right to resell of the code included in the customizations, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.


If the integration of the module is not possible, which is rare, you can ask for a refund in the store where the module was purchased (If the store allows this possibility).

Access to support

You can have a technical support access when you have purchased at least one of our modules.
Your access can be banned permanently in cases of account forgery, falsified data, abuse or copyright infringement.